Feb 8, 2011

{double chocolate peppermint cookies}

Over the holidays I went to a friends cookie exchange party and had to come up with something creative to bring along. I found a recipe with the perfect combination of espresso, chocolate and peppermint that didn't look too difficult to put together since. List in hand, I headed to the store knowing that I needed to make 4 dozen cookies. For some crazy reason in my head, I thought all cookie recipes make only ONE dozen. So, naturally, I quadrupled my ingredients. Now, this was not a big deal except in regards to the chocolate chips. The math I did (again in my head) was that I needed to have about 10 bags of chocolate chips. mhm. 10. Wisely, upon returning home, I decided to actually check and see how many this recipe said it yielded...about 50. ehem. Well, I now have enough chocolate to last me the entire year.

Other than my lack of ability to read or do math, this recipe was really easy to do and turned out great! It would be a perfect end to your Valentines Day meal or just to fulfill any chocolate craving you might be having.

You can find the recipe here.


  1. These look amazing. I have a bunch of candy canes left over from Christmas that would be perfect to be used in this. I just need espresso powder. I'm assuming you find that in the aisle with powdered coffee or powdered hot chocolate?

  2. Yep, it should be with all the instant coffee.