Mar 7, 2010

{the first cookout of the year}

The snow is finally melting! We can see the ground and the weather is a lovely 65 degrees. This is our first Spring in the mountains so we are really looking forward to a lot of camping and cookouts as the weather continues to warm. One of our favorite things to grill is hamburgers, so as soon as we realized that Sunday was going to be in the 60's we made plans to have a cookout.

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I was super excited not only for the delicious taste of a grilled burger, but to use my brand new picnic basket John had given me for Christmas. Its exactly what I've always imagined a picnic basket should be and did a great job holding most of what we needed for the cookout. We filled it up and drove over to Westover Park to find our grill.

John is the grill master so whenever we grill out he is always in charge of making the burgers. Whatever he put in them, they were delicious. Burgers, baked beans, sun chips, pickles and potato salad paired with pink lemonade made it a perfect cookout.

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