Apr 12, 2010

{farmers market + carving a chicken}

This Saturday was our first trip to the main farmers market in town. There were many more vendors there compared to Tuesdays market. We were most excited to find meat and cheese vendors as I'd used the last of our frozen meats to make all of last weeks meals. Unfortunately, the main meat vendor was out of chicken so we purchased some round steak, sausage and ground beef. We later discovered a local butcher who carries Polyface Farm chicken and bought an entire bird.

There are still not very many veggies at the market but we were able to buy butternut squash, potatoes, lettuce, goat cheese and more homemade pasta in addition to the meats. I was super sad not to find any tomatoes but hoped that at Tuesdays market the tomato vendor would be there. John was thrilled to discover that there are such things green eggs. We learned there's no difference in taste and that the color varies based on the type of chicken.

More pics after the jump
So, we have never bought an entire chicken before and therefore had no idea how to carve it. John decided it would be his job so he used this video to carve the bird. He did a bloody good job in my opinion and the meat we've had from it so far has been delicious. We froze most everything except for the breasts. Since we've only ever cooked with chicken breasts I need time to figure out what do with the rest. I do plan to use the bones to make some chicken stock for future meals.

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