Jun 28, 2010

{local pops}

Summer is here and with that comes the lovely days of 90 and 100º weather. Blech. Thankfully, I found some recipes out there to make fruit popsicles that are both healthy and refreshing. I was inspired by these delicious looking treats and decided to use the raspberries and blueberries I'd picked up at the market to try my own version. You could make these without adding any sweetener but I had some local honey on hand and decided to add in just enough to take out the bite...especially with the raspberries. I highly recommend using molds that have no funky shapes or dips like I did with my raspberry molds...it made it terribly difficult to get out of the glass after it had frozen. My favorite was the blueberry version...perfectly refreshing and scrumptious. The raspberry version ended up not having quite enough honey in it so it had a little bit of a bite. If you make these, just taste them once its all mixed up before putting into the molds to make sure the sweetness factor is to your liking. As we are moving south this week, these will definitely become a staple in our freezer to help us survive the hot summer months.

Recipe and pics after the jump

local pops

serves: depending on size of mold, 4 - 6


1 pint blueberries
1 pint raspberries
molds (glasses, yogurt cups, actual popsicle molds)
sticks or spoons

You could really use any berries or fruit you have on hand to do this. Simply place the fruit into a food processor or blender and puree. Add in a teaspoon of honey, mix and taste to make sure its to your liking. I only had small juice glasses to use as a mold but you could use yogurt cups if you've got any. Place sticks in the center of the mold and freeze. If your spoons won't stay in the middle, put your mold into the freezer for an hour or so. Then as it freezes up a bit, place spoon in the middle. To remove from mold, run under cool water for a little. This loosens the edges just enough for you to pop it out and enjoy.


  1. Pahahaha! I love the mold you used. Did it add any extra flavor?

  2. hehehe no but thats a great idea...beer or rum flavored fruit popsicles!