Jan 10, 2011

{a wintry shot}

Over the xmas holiday we had a lovely staycation that consisted of watching movies, making delicious food, climbing and just enjoying some quietness. We of course also indulged in a few beverages to honor the snow gods that bestowed their loveliness upon us. One of the shots we took to honor them came from a recipe Jamie Oliver created. Now, he used tequila, but I was more in a vodka mood...especially since thats what the snow gods prefer. We combined the vodka with some colorful pomegranate seeds in our frozen shot glasses and shot 'em back. Before swallowing, make sure to chomp down on those pomegranate seeds for a nice burst of flavor.

Recipe after the jump

{xmas shots}

recipe adapted from: Jamie Oliver


pomegranate seeds


Chill your shot glasses and vodka.

Cut your pomegranate in half and remove the seeds. The best way we've found to do this is to put some water in a small bowl and remove the seeds under water. This protects your eyes from the seeds inevitably bursting.

Fill the bottom part of the chilled shot glass with pomegranate seeds and pour in the ice cold vodka. Make a toast and drink it down!


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