Jan 20, 2010

{cheese tortellini with pesto + sundried tomatoes}

recipe source:: Life Ambrosia
This was my second attempt at a meatless dish. It went over about the same on John as the Pasta Primavera did the other week...he would like it better with meat. I thought the flavors were outstanding though. I used some basil pesto I had frozen from my basil plant and bought three cheese tortellini from the grocery store. The sundried tomatoes packed in oil were too expensive so I thought I could get away with plain ones. I have now learned why you should get them packed in oil...they don't soften while cooking unless they've been soaked in oil so they were a little on the tough side. Having never cooked with sundried tomatoes before, I wasn't aware that they had such a strong taste. They were not bad, but in this dish I think putting in some halved cherry tomatoes would be even better. I will definitely make this again with those adjustments and a little chicken for John.

More pics after the jump.

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