Jan 19, 2010

{honey kissed crispy chicken}

recipe source:: Life Ambrosia
This dish was originally supposed to be made into a sandwhich, however, I felt it would be perfect on its own. I served it with a side of sweet potatoes with goat cheese + sage.

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The chicken was perfect. The addition of honey reminded me of eating chicken nuggets as a kid. It does require a couple hours of marination, but is relatively simple to create. I recommend slicing the chicken into strips so it cooks quickly.

recipe source:: Whipped
The sweet potato side dish was really good. Of course, John would have preferred regular potatoes, but he ate these anyway. Goat cheese makes anything good. They are good served warm or cold, my preference is warm.

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  1. Oh God, Becca...this is like food porn! I love it! XD

    (Oh. This is Jenna, by the by.)