Feb 6, 2010

{snow day + mexican breakfast burritos}

We were hit with an awesome snow storm that dropped two feet of snow on us! Since it snowed for about two days we were stuck inside for the most part.  It was a perfect day for some delicious mexican breakfast burritos. I've been making these for John in the mornings to take with him to eat on the road on his way to work since they are very portable. So far we've done several combinations that we like. Eggs, mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese. Eggs and turkey sausage. Black beans, eggs, sour cream, salsa and turkey sausage is the combo we chose for the snow day.

Recipe and pics after the jump

{mexican breakfast burritos}


1 can refried black beans (ducal are the best...you will have leftover beans from this)
light sour cream
turkey sausage crumbled
small burrito shell


Start with cooking the turkey sausage. Set aside and keep warm. Meanwhile putt a little olive oil in a pan and cook up the black beans. Scramble one egg per burrito you want to make (ie. I made two so I used two eggs).  Salt and pepper to taste your eggs.

When eggs are almost done, warm your burrito for about 15 seconds in the microwave. Spread black beans and sour cream on top. Add eggs as soon as they are done and top with crumbled turkey sausage and salsa. Roll burrito and place a toothpick in the center to help keep contents inside. Enjoy!

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