Feb 10, 2010

{tomato, goat cheese and carmelized onion tarts/pizzas}

recipe source: Piece of Cake
It took about an hour total to do the prep work, cooking and baking of the pies. Caramelizing the onions took about 30 minutes to do. Assembly took maybe 5 minutes and then they cooked for 20 minutes. The aromas in the kitchen were delicious throughout the entire process.

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I've never worked with puff pastry before, but note for the future, it needs to thaw out ahead of time. The recipe wasn't really very clear on how many layers to use so I used 5. The pastry I bought was very very thin and I felt it needed a little thickness to it to hold everything on top. It was a little messy working with the flour and when cutting out the pies the dough tore pretty easily.
Pepperoni was added for John's sake but honestly, I felt that the other flavors overpowered the pepperoni and it was not needed. I was able to make 4 normal size pies and one smaller pie from all the ingredients.  We each ate about two of the tarts and it was the perfect amount. These will definitely be made again, but next time I'll just make them with thin pizza crust to make things simpler.

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  1. The pepperonis are an essential addition to this dish and were definitely not overpowered. They compliment an already perfect pizza.