Feb 7, 2010

{superbowl extravaganza part one}

recipe source: Lifes Ambrosia
John and I are not pro-football people at all. However, we watch the superbowl each year simply for the commercials. This year I planned a typical superbowl party meal for the two of us that was slightly healthier than the norm.

The menu:

cream cheese and bacon stuffed jalapenos
boneless buffalo wings
onion rings

See more pics of the cream cheese and bacon stuffed jalapenos after the jump

I learned several things making these stuffed jalapenos. First of all, see those seeds? Yeah, when you scoop them out, don't put them into the sink disposal. Put them in the trash. The seeds and insides are the spiciest part of a jalapeno and when you put them into something that chops them up, the vapors float up through the air and into your lungs. Not pleasant. Also, don't touch your face.

After the dangerous part of making the jalapeno boats, everything else is pretty simple to assemble. Have the cream cheese be at or close to room temperature to make the mixing of it easier. Crispy bacon really tops this dish off nicely. I took the extra bacon and placed bigger pieces on the tops as well as in the mix. It was super delicious and super spicy!

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